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Why can I still see liveview images on remote browser even the NVR is disconnected?

It is corrected that in LAN environment, if NVR is disconnected, the liveview image will still be there, as long as camera is connected.


Following is the rule of camera streaming on liveview for your references:

Remote web browser liveview:

  • In LAN, the images are stream from camera directly by default to save bandwidth. So even the NVR is not connected, the liveview image can still be seen, as long as cameras are connected.


  • In WAN, the images are stream from NVR by default for easier set up. User will not need to set port forwarding for all cameras in order to view them. But at the same time, the loading of NVR will increase, as it will need to handle the streams.


Local Display liveview:

  • In both LAN & WAN, the images are stream from NVR. When NVR is disconnect, all liveview images will be lost.