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How to unblock pop-up windows on Internet Explorer for NVR’s multi-window operation?

DIGIEVER NVR gives you the flexibility to individually execute liveview, Emap, playback and configuration on multiple web pages, after you upgraded NVR to firmware and above. Please unlock the pop-up limitation on Internet Explorer (IE) to start monitoring since IE browser might block pop-up windows in default.

Please follow below instructions to unblock pop-up windows, if IE browser has no further response after you remotely log in NVR with the link ///index.htm.

Step1. Reset IE browser to default

Please open your IE browser and go to “Tools” > “Internet option” > “Advanced” to click “Reset” button. Please restart your computer for the changes to take effect.


※Note: You can skip step1. Reset IE browser to default, If this is the first time that you use the NVR via IE browser with F/W 53 and above.


Step2. Setup the pop-up option
When you log in NVR page via IE browser, a message will show “Internet Explorer blocked a pop-up from (IP address).” as below:


Please select “Options for this site” > “Always allow” to unlock the pop-up window of this IP address.