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How to install Seagate 6TB/8TB HDD in DIGIEVER NVR?

Please follow below suggestion to install Seagate HDD in DIGIEVER NVR since the design of Seagate 6TB/8TB HDD is different from standard HDD. Please prepare Seagate 6TB, 8TB and 10TB HDD, screws, screwdriver and HDD tray to start install HDDs. And endure every unit of screw to be firmed and tight.

  •  For DS-2000, DS-4000, DS-4X00 Pro, and DS-4X00 Pro+ series:

  •  For DS-1100 Pro and DS-1100 Pro+ series (produced in 2014 or ealier):

  •  For DS-2100 Pro and DS-2100 Pro+ series:

         Right side

         Left side