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How to manage DIGIEVER NVR’s storage capacity?

DIGIEVER NVR provides two options to recycle storage capacity:

1. HDD Automatic Recycle
Users can set storage capacity percentage for keeping videos to automatically overwrite the oldest video files. The maximum threshold is 90% while the minimum is 20%. If HDD storage capacity is more than threshold, NVR will start to delete the oldest 16GB videos. DIGIEVER NVR will check the HDD storage capacity in every 5 minutes.
For example, once the threshold is set as 70% and the storage of HDD arrives 70%, NVR will automatically delete the oldest recorded videos. 


2. Video keeping period
Users can set time period for keeping videos. NVR will check the video keeping time in every 10 minutes.
For example, if the video is set to keep in 7 days and the storage of HDD has kept over 7 days, NVR will automatically delete the recorded videos of the earliest day.


When HDD storage capacity is over 94%, DIGIEVER NVR will start to recycle the oldest 16GB recorded videos. User can go to configuration page (Management > Log System > NVR Log) to check the record for security control.