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Can I use the Windows IE11 (Internet Explore 11) to access DIGIEVER NVR ?

Yes, you can access DIGIEVER NVR via Windows IE11 (Internet Explorer 11) by upgrading DIGIEVER NVR to firmware or above or clicking the compatibility view button on the address bar.


Method 1. Upgrading DIGIEVER NVR above firmware or above

Through upgrading DIGIEVER NVR to firmware, users can easily access DIGIEVER NVR via Windows IE11 without compatible issue.

Please refer to FAQ How to upgrade my DIGIEVER DIGIEVER NVR? to upgrade your NVR.


Method 2. Clicking compatibility view button on the address bar.

Step1:Press the tools button.

Step2: Choose the Compatibility View settings.

Step3:Add the IP of NVR into the compatibility View.

More detail, please refer to the Windows website:


* Currently, DIGIEVER NVR does not supports 64 bit Internet Explorer browser.

For more information, Please visit Why I cannot see live view image when using 64 bit IE browser?