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How to setup generic RTSP and generic MJPEG in DIGIEVER NVR ?

For cameras without native integration yet, DIGIEVER NVR allows users to add cameras via
Generic RTSP (H.264) and Generic MJPEG to receive the video streaming from IP camera.

The streaming will be applied to monitoring, recording and playback. 
It makes users to have the live view and also recording before the nature integration.


Please follow below instruction to add camera via generic RTSP/ MJPEG.

Step1. Log in NVR. Then, go to NVR configuration page: IP Camera > Camera Settings

Step2: Select Generic RTSP or Generic MJPEG on brand column.


Step3 : Fill out the Generic URL column with proper RTSP or MJPEG URL.
            Example: If the path is rtsp://,
                            the Generic URL should be filled out as channel1.

          *Note: If Generic RTSP method is selected, RTSP port should be filled out.

Step4 : Click “Apply” to make parameters enable



*Note: You may refer to below websites to get URLs:
          - https://www.soleratec.com/rtsp/`
          - //www.ispyconnect.com/sources.aspx
          (The most correct URLs should be provided from each camera vendors.)