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Why my remote liveview page looks strange? (Please re-install ActiveX)

After upgrading NVR firmware, if you find that you cannot see camera images or some icons are missing on remote browser liveview or playback page, it is possible the new ActiveX along with the new firmware was blocked by this remote PC somehow, and did not installed properly when opening the NVR page. 

It is suggested to unstall the ActiveX first. Therefore, when you log in the remote browser liveview or playback page again, the latest ActiveX can be downloaded and reinstalled accordingly. 


■ If the O.S. is Windows 32bit

Please remove "Liveview", "NVRPlayer" and "Playback" folder from C:\Windows\Program Files\NVR


■ If the O.S.is Windows 64bit

Please remove  "Liveview", "NVRPlayer" and "Playback" folder from C:\Windows\Program Files(x86)\NVR


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