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Why I can’t use NVR-Client to see the liveview and playback page?


After log-in NVR, users may encounter below situation:
1. NVR-Client cannot be running on PC.
2. There is no information of camera list on browser as below picture

If users installed NVR-Client on the computer to monitor many DIGIEVER NVRs, please make sure all NVR firmware is version or above.

Due to the frequent updates of web browsers, ActiveX supported level of different web browser has been frequently changed, which makes users has less flexibility to select suitable web browser for liveview monitoring and video playback. Therefore, from NVR version, DIGIEVER develops a software application, named NVR-Client, on Windows to release the limitation of ActiveX and web browser in order to provide a more efficient and effective monitoring experience to users.

The interface of liveview and playback on NVR-Client is the same as previous web browser monitoring. It is unnecessary to learn how to operate DIGIEVER NVR again.