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Why I cannot add Hikvision camera to DIGIEVER NVR?

From firmware version 5.5.0, Hikvision camera's CGI protocol and HTTP URL are disabled by default, it is necessary to set up camera first. Then, users can successfully add camera to NVR. 


Please follow below instructions to enable Hikvision CGI:

1. Go to camera web GUI:
    Configuration -> Network -> Advanced Settings -> Integration Protocol

2. Enable Hikvision CGI 

3. Choose "digest/basic" in Hivision CGI Authentication

4. Click "Save" button



*Note: If username and password are incorrect and login faied for six times, Hikvision camera will treat it as illegal login, which may also cause Hikvision camera unable to be added into NVR.

To avoid the possibility, users may follow below instructions to disable illegal login lock:

1. Go to camera web GUI: Configuration -> Network -> Security -> Security Service

2. Disable illegal login lock 

3. Click "Save" button