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How to set up HID access control on DIGIEVER NVR?

DIGIEVER NVR supports HID access controller for door monitoring and card management. Users can centrally open all doors and control who can access the door by adding card information to each card reader. Via data filter, users can easily check historical access information and export desired data to your PC. Users can also synchronize access devices with NVR's time for future log tracking.

*Note: DIGIEVER NVR support HID V2000 network door controller for now.


Please follow below instructions to set up HID access controller:

1. Enter the controller web-interface by filling in the controller's IP address in the browser address line.
2. Enter user name and password to connect to controller.
3. Click "OK" button.
4. Click the Advanced Setup link to set up network settings of controller.


5. Enter NVR's IP address on CS/Host Addressing
6. Check TCP/IP Connection Port and TCP/IP Listen Port. You will need it when configuring NVR.



Please follow below instructions to connect HID access controller to DIGIEVER NVR:

[Step1] Add access controller

1. Go to configuration page: External Device > Access Control > Device Setting
2. Select Device Brand: HID
3. Fill in Device Name, IP address, TCP/IP Listen Port and TCP/IP Connection Port information .
4. Click "Apply" button 

* Note: When adding numerous HID devices, each device needs a unique IP address, TCP/IP listen port and TCP/IP connection port.


[Step2] Configure video snapshot for access record

1. Select a camera for each door to take a snapshot (for anyone accesses to the door via card)
2. Click "Apply Option" button

3. Click "Apply" button to save the setting

[Step3] Define access group

Go to configuration page: Management  >  Access Control > Access Group Setting
1. Select a controller
    *Note: The maximum of access group is 3 in default.

2. Define access group
3. Click "Apply" button


[Step4] Manage card information (Add/Modify/Delete reader's card information)

Go to configuration page: Management  >  Access Control > Card Management
1. Select HID in device brand
2. Fill in Unique ID and Card Number and other optional card information
3. Fill in access group number
4. Click "Save" button to save to NVR


[Step5] Upload to access controller

1. Select a controller to update new card information
2. Click card item
3. Click "Upload to reader" to upload card information to the device