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How can I optimize QoS configuration to best fit large-scale surveillance environment?

In a large-scale surveillance environment, as the network grows, there are so many packets being generated at the same time, and the network may not have sufficient capacity to handle the load.  To fulfill these real-world scenarios, Setting up QoS (Quality of Service) is strongly suggested to control the flow of packets trough networks.
Please follow the instruction below to complete QoS setup.

Step 1

Open a web browser and type switch’s IP address and press enter.


The system will prompt you to input the username/password of the configuration web page.

Step 2

Go to Configuration -> QoS -> DSCP-Based QoS.

Step 3

Check on “34 (AF41),” and set QoS Class to “7.”  Click save button to apply.

Step 4

You have to save the “running-config” configuration file to “startup-config” configuration file. If not, all the settings will be lost if the switch if power off. 

To do so, please go to Maintenance -> Configuration -> Save Startup-config.

Press the “Save Configuration” button to save current running configuration to system start-up Configuration and complete the setting.