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Why is there a warning message (code-21) when I execute system downgrade ?

Case Description

You will see below message when downgrading DIGIEVER NVR to FW2.1.0.60 or below versions. 



It is highly suggested to click "Cancel" button to cancel system downgrade.

In firmware, DIGIEVER
enhances DIGIEVER NVR's database structure to speed up the query of recorded videos on playback page in order to respond the development of HDD storage technology and the evolution of NVR features in the future.


Please be noted NVR will encounter below situation, if you persist in executing system downgrade:
1. Cannot playback some videos
2. The storage size will become smaller 
     since the videos recorded in NVR FW2.1.0.61 are unable to be recognized by DIGIEVER NVR. 

Take below picture as example,
1. You cannot playback the videos recorded in NVR FW2.1.0.61 (Videos from 2016/11/01 to 2017/01/20).
2. The storage space of NVR will become smaller because DIGIEVER NVR cannot overwrite that period of videos (Videos from 2016/11/01 to 2017/01/20 takes 2.5TB).