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How to set up SIF Protocol on Aiphone?

DIGIEVER NVR can record videos captured from Aiphone's IP video door station.

Please follow below instructions to set up SIF communication protocol on Aiphone to make Aiphone successfully communicate with DIGIEVER NVR.

*Note: DIGIEVER NVR supports Aiphone IX series for now.


Step1. Enter https:// /webset.cgi/?login on IE browser


Step2.Enter Aiphone’s account and password (default is admin / admin)


Step3. Select SIF Integration and “enable” SIF Integration. Then, click “Update” button to apply the setting.


Step4. Click “Download” button to save sif.ini form on your PC


Step5. Edit the content of sif.ini form. Then, save the form.

  • 1st part: user-defined program type (range from 0101 to 1111)
  • 2nd part: NVR IP address 
  • 3rd part: Aiphone SIF management port

         *Note: This port should be same as NVR Aiphone SIF port in NVR's configuration page.
                      (Network > Network Service > Aiphone)


  • 4th part: SSL function (0: HTTP/ 1: HTTPS)


Step6. Clip “Browse” button and select the edited sif.ini form to update new setting.