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How to configure AXIS camera's audio detection to display as event log in DIGIEVER NVR?

Users can use AXIS audio detection in DIGIEVER NVR by following below instructions on NVR and IP cameras.


Step1: Set up "Event Trigger Record" at NVR side

Please go to NVR configuration page: Recording & Event > Event & Action Management > Event & Action.

Set up Event Trigger Record as event action on desired cameras. Then, click "Apply" button to save the setting.


Step2: Set up audio alarm at camera side

Please go to camera web page: Setup > Events > Action Rules

Click NVR-EVENT and click "Modify" to set up audio alarm.

Please remove "Motion Detection" from "Additional conditions". Then, add "Audio Detection" as action rule and click "OK" to save.


Step3: Delete "Motion Detection" settings at camera side

Please delete motion detection settings in Detectors > Motion Detection page


Step4:  Add Audio Detection and set Audio Alarm Level at camera side