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How to setup recording schedule (always record/ record by event)?

Users can configure recording schedule in desired time range and recording type (Always Record and Recording by Event) for all channels. Please go to Configuration>Recording&Event>Recording Settings>Recording Schedule page and follow below instructions to set up your NVR.


Step1. Select schedule by day or by week


Step2. Insert schedule
Select time range (Start/End time), recording type and channel for recording schedule and click “Insert.”

  •  Recording type
    Depending on recording requirements, users can two recording types:
    (1) Always Record: Selected cameras will record video continuously.
    (2) Record by Event: Selected cameras will record video when an event is triggered.

After inserting time range and channel, the time/camera bar displays the selected time.

Camera bar will display record schedule in each camera bar. Always Record is in blue, Record by Event is in red
Click“Apply” to finish setting or “Reset” to rearrange time and camera channel.


*Note: A camera can set multi-recording schedule and two recording types at same time. The camera bar will display in purple when users set up both Always Record and Record by Event at the same time.


3. Delete schedule
Users can erase the specific time in recording schedule by selecting the time then click "Delete".

  • Delete All
    With checking the Delete All and then select the camera, users can remove the whole recording schedule for the certain camera after click "Delete".