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How to apply camera current setting when adding new camera to NVR?

It is highly recommend to use “Optimization by NVR” to perform the best surveillance quality on liveview, video recording and playback. However, if you would like to directly apply camera current setting to NVR, DIGIEVER NVR also support this request for specific cameras. (Please check the note for detail information.)

Please follow below instructions to set up camera settings:

Step1. Go to configuration page : IP Camera > Camera Settings

Step2. Fill in Camera Name, IP address, Vendor, Username, Password and Port information 

Step3. Select "Settings from camera" in Streaming Parameters colume.

Step4. Click "Apply" button to apply the setting

*Note. DIGIEVER NVR supports settings from camera feature to below camera brands for now:
             Brickcom, Linksys, AXIS(5.00 or below version), Vivotek, Messoa, iCantek, PROBE, SECUBEST, Provision ISR