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Firmware 68 Version is Available with the Launch of DS-4100-RM Series


Taiwan - Jan. 9, 2020

DIGIEVER is glad to announce that firmware 68 for Linux-embedded DIGIEVER NVR series, DS-4100-RM series and DIGI-GPIO kit are officially launched today. 

Based on current DIGIEVER all-in-one NVR functionality, firmware 68 version brings a fast, more intuitive way for users to handle incident emergency, retrieve recorded videos and execute routine maintenance.

New Features Overview:

  • Bookmark video during playback
  • Failover server: 
    Video synchronization in failback mode
  • Quick log export on liveview
  • Alter date format for localization
  • Upgrade Tool to upgrade NVR firmware in group
  • Up to 128x fast forward and up to 16x rewind
  • Skip blank video during playback
  • Update camera IVA integration
  • Support 3x2 matrix and 8x4 matrix
  • Manual Recording: One button to record all cameras or individual camera

Intuitive Video Playback via Bookmark and Data Search

DIGIEVER NVR features 16-channel simultaneous playback and intuitive speed control panel allowing users to easily retrieve many videos in an efficient way. Users can use 128x fast forward, 16x rewind as well as frame by frame playback to quickly find the key video. During video playback, users can create a bookmark to mark special moments for a specific camera with a suitable title and detail description. Via data search, users can easily have an overview of all bookmarks, playback bookmarked video and export bookmark list.

For project adopting event recording, DIGIEVER NVR will skip the time when a video does not exist and skip to play the time that video exists. This skip blank video design allows users to have continuous video playback experience with no need to use mouse-click for next video.

Powerful Failover Server: Video Synchronization in Failback Mode

DIGIEVER NVR supports failover server mode that can monitor up to 16 NVR’s status so as to ensure all video data keep recorded in case that DIGIEVER NVR temporarily fails to record video. If a network connection is unstable or HDD failure occurs, the failover server can take over NVR’s recording task.

Once the NVR becomes functional, the failover server will cease to take over failed NVR and start to export the recorded videos to the NVR. Users can easily retrieve videos from both failover server and DIGIEVER NVR since they all keep the footage of failover period.

DS-4100-RM: 4K hardware decode and Full HD display 4bay rack-mount type NVR

DS-4100-RM series is a Linux-embedded 4K hardware decode and Full HD display standalone 4-bay rack-mount type NVR. Powered by Intel hardware decoding technology, DS-4100-RM series supports up to 32 channels of IP camera and up to 56TB total video storage capacity with diverse RAID levels (RAID 0/1/5/6/10) and hot-swappable design. 

To fulfill the increasing demand for long-term and high-resolution video recording, the storage space of DS-4100-RM series is expandable. Through the connection with DIGIEVER iSCSI servers, DS-4100-RM can with the maximum of 952TB storage space.

In addition to intuitive playback design, DS-4100-RM series also delivers superb 4K hardware decode Full HD/XGA local display, real-time remote client monitoring with built-in mini-CMS server and multi-layer dynamic E-map as well as powerful event and alarm notification mechanism to protect your facilities from potential damage or monetary Losses.

USB Type GPIO Device: for NVR UHD series

DIGI-GPIO kit, designed for DIGIEVER NVR UHD series, is a USB type GPIO device that accepts up to 4 signal-channel digital input and output modules.

Based on project requirements, users can easily deploy automation applications with DIGI-GPIO kit and DIGIEVER NVR. Once the external DI sensors are triggered, DIGI-GPIO will pass the signal to DIGIEVER NVR so as to execute corresponding actions such as NVR event recording or make the door locked.

Comprehensive Product Line and Third-party Device Compatibility

In addition to DIGIEVER NVR and Failover Server, DIGIEVER offers comprehensive IP video monitoring and management solutions allowing users to find the suitable solution to deploy their surveillance infrastructure, such as central management software (CMS-Client and CMS-Matrix), secondary control room solution (Video Wall Station), streaming forwarding solution for hundreds of clients (Streaming Server), storage expansion solution (DIGIARRAY and iSCSI Server), long-term video backup solution (Backup Server), etc.

DIGIEVER has high compatibility with third-party devices that several devices like IP camera, video server, IP video intercom system, access control device, NAS and Modbus Analog I/O and Digial I/O box can co-work properly with DIGIEVER solution to make DIGIEVER server as the brain to assist users to keep an eye on their region in a more intuitive way. Until now, DIGIEVER has been successfully integrated with over 120 IP camera brands and more than 7500 models

There are many new updates with the release of firmware 68 version. Welcome to contact info@digiever.com or visit DIGIEVER website to check detailed information.


About DIGIEVER Corporation

DIGIEVER is a leading company dedicated to providing high quality and outstanding performance of IP video surveillance solutions. DIGIEVER takes DIGIEVER NVR, Linux-embedded network video recorder, as the core and develops relative video surveillance product lines to satisfy increasing video surveillance requirements in the world. DIGIEVER comprehensive NVR products have been successfully distributed through worldwide channel partners that cross five continentals.

Formed with a group of experts who have rich experience in research and development in networking products, DIGIEVER, focuses on providing leading-edge surveillance solutions not only in software applications, also in hardware design and devoting to optimize users experience.

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