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Multi-NVR Failover Server

DFS-4232 is a true PC-less and 4-bay standalone NVR failover server that prebuilds 64-channels licenses for emergent video recording and monitoring. With the maximum of 56TB storage capacity, Failover Server can ensure 24/7/365 video recording. Once Failover Server detects original DIGIEVER NVR restores it functionality, Failover Server will failback to DIGIEVER NVR and continue its NVR monitoring service.  

  • 4 BAY

    Hard Disk Drive

  • 32 CH


Flexible N+1 Monitor Architecture

  • Monitor 4 NVRs by default (up to 16 NVRs by licenses)
  • Pre-built -channel Licenses


Failover Server is a reliable backup solution to maintain DIGIEVER IP video surveillance in case of DIGIEVER NVR failure situation. Failover NVR will cease take over failed NVR as soon as the failed NVR becomes functional. 


How Failover Server Works

1. Monitoring

Failover server will continue check below status of DIGIEVER NVRs:

(1) NVR Status: NVR network connection lost, NVR software and hardware failure

Failover server will check the status of NVR recording server in user-defined internval (30-180 seconds). User can set up when to make failover server take over the NVR recording server if NVR recording server has no response sequentially for the set-time. (Default is 3 times)


(2) Recording Status: HDD failure

Failover server will check the HDD status of NVR recording server every minute. Once NVR recording server cannot record video to HDD, failover server will take over it, except for RAID fault tolerance situation.


2. Failover

(1) Failover Recording Mode

In below 4 situations, Failover Server will take over DIGIEVER NVR's monitoring and recording tasks.

  • NVR network disconnection
  • NVR is connected but not recording
  • NVR fails to recycle video files
  • NVR's HDD failed


(2) Failover's Setting Values

Failover server takes over below settings of failed NVR recording server to maintain DIGIEVER IP video surveillance system:

  • Camera settings
  • Recording settings
  • Event and action settings
  • Email settings
  • Server setting (server name with UPnP and admin's username/password)


3. Failback

In below situations, failover server will stop take over NVR's functionality and back to NVR monitoiring service.

(1) NVR Status

Failover server will check the status of NVR recording server every minute. Once failover server detects that NVR has been successfully reconnected network environment, failover NVR will stop take over that NVR.

*Note: The IP address and configuration of NVR recording server must have its original setting.


(2) Recording Status: Change to a new HDD

Once failover server detects NVR recording server has changed to a new HDD, failover server will stop take over NVR recording server.


How to Playback Videos

On DIGIEVER NVR, users can playback videos saved in failover server on remote client. Videos saved in failover server display in light blue color.


  • CPU
  • Intel High Performance CPU
  • Memory

  • HDD Tray
  • 4 (Hot Swappable)
  • Storage Capacity per HDD
  • Up to 16TB
  • Maximum Capacity
  • Up to 64TB
  • LAN Port
  • Gigabit x 2
  • LED Indicators
  • HDD1, HDD2, HDD3, HDD4, eSATA, LAN1, LAN2
  • USB Connector
  • 6 x USB 2.0:

    Front x 1: For video backup

    Front x 1 & Back x 4: Support pen drive, USB mouse, USB keyboard and USB UPS, etc.

  • Buttons
  • Power, USB backup
  • GPIO
  • 4-in, 2-out
  • Video Output Connector
  • HDMI x1, VGA x1 (For Dual Display)
  • Alarm Buzzer
  • System warning
  • Form Factor
  • Tower
  • Operating Temperature
  • 0〜40℃
  • Operating Humidity
  • 0~95% R.H.
  • Power Supply
  • Input: 100-240V AC, 50/ 60Hz; Output: 250W
  • Power Consumption
  • Operation: 54~65 W (with 4 x 500GB HDD installed and in RAID 5 building process)
  • Fan
  • 2 x quiet cooling fan (7cm, 12V DC)
  • H/ W Dimensions
  • 184.94(H) x 205.3(W) x 245.8(D) mm

    7.28(H) x 8.08(W) x 9.68(D) inch

  • Color Box Dimensions
  • 317(H) x 250(W) x 303(D) mm

    12.48(H) x 9.84(W) x 11.93(D) inch

  • Carton Dimensions
  • 345(H) x 325(W) x 520(D) mm

    13.58(H) x 12.80(W) x 20.47(D) inch

  • Color Box Shipping Weight
  • Net Weight(kg/PC):4.43

    Gross Weight(kg/PC):6.1

    Gross Weight(kg/CTN):12.2

  • Failover Ability
  • Pre-built Channel License
  • Smart Monitoring
  • Monitor 4 NVRs by default (Optional up to 16 NVRs by license)
  • Recording Resolution
  • Up to 10 Megapixel
  • NVR Failover
  • Yes, within one minute
  • Failover Recording Mode
  • 1. NVR network disconnection

    2. NVR is connected but not recording 

    3. NVR fails to recycle video files

    4. NVR's HDD failed

  • NVR Failback
  • Yes, within one minute
  • Advanced Failover Detection
  • Yes, to set up when to take over
  • Local Liveview & Playback
  • Yes
  • Remote Liveview & Playback
  • Yes
  • Mobile Device Monitoring
  • Yes, iOS and Android device
  • Video Export & Backup
  • Yes, to USB device/ DIGIARRAY/ NAS
  • Reliability
  • RAID Level
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10
  • S.M.A.R.T HDD Health Monitoring
  • Yes
  • Security Management
  • Log System
  • Hardware log, system log, event log, current user log, historical user log and file access log
  • Access Number Control
  • The access users numbers is allowed to be limited
  • Operating System
  • Linux-embedded
  • Network Service
  • Protocol Support
  • File Sharing Service
  • Windows networking, FTP service
  • Suggested Switch Requirement
  • Switch
  • Gigabit switch is highly recommended
  • *Note: Please contact DIGIEVER sales to know more integrated information.
    • DIGIEVER Failover Server
      DIGIEVER Failover Server
    • Hard Disk  Lock
      Hard Disk Lock
    • Screw Bag
      Screw Bag
    • Ethernet Cable
      Ethernet Cable
    • CD-ROM
    • Power Cord
      Power Cord
    • All designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
    • All designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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